Exploring Anxiety Through Yoga

Wednesdays, October 6 - November 10

6:30 - 8:30 PM Eastern

Join The Center for Mindful Exploration in an exploration of anxiety through yoga led by Susan Marshall, LPC, CPCS and Joanne Johnson Rogers, RYT. 

Together, we will

  • Identify the biological roots of anxiety
  • Explore the causes and effects of anxiety through yogic concepts of truthfulness, compassion, and non-attachment
  • Develop skills and strategies for managing anxiety including yogic breathing, postures, and meditation
  • Process your experiences in a group setting with a licensed therapist


Learn the underlying operating systems of emotions so that you can take control of your anxiety and shift into calmness.


Experience yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation as practical methods to manage anxiety.


Share experiences and challenges in a safe, supportive group setting with an experienced licensed therapist.


  • Week 1: Mechanics of Panic and A Yogic Approach
  • Week 2: Satya--Truthfulness
  • Week 3: Ahimsa--Non-harming and Compassion
  • Week 4: Vairagya--Non-attachment
  • Week 5: Taking Control 
  • Week 6: Putting It All Together